• TutorialFirst Day in Palace - Hero Guide03-29

    It is not possible for you to win every battle that would happen in the palace every day on your own.

  • TutorialGuidance of Redeem Code03-26

    Are you confused about where and how to use your Redeem Code? Here is the guidance~

  • TutorialFirst Day in Palace - Class Guide03-25

    Welcome to Fate of the Empress! Before you start a romantic life in this game, you need to choose the class of your own character~

  • TutorialThe First Emperor - New UR Hero Ying Zheng04-07

    Look who Meixin brought today! The first emperor in Chinese history, Ying Zheng, is coming to Fate of the Empress.

  • TutorialUser Account Binding Guide06-24

    Some players may not be able to directly log in with GameCenter(@gc), Apple ID(@sa), or Twitter(@wt) accounts on the event page. We strongly recommend you to bind your account (if you are using one) to an email address so that you can join in the event as well.