• News The Righteous Knight-errant - UR Hero Zhan Zhao09-26

    Nicknamed the “Southern Hero”, Zhan Zhao will soon come to Fate of the Empress! He is a righteous knight-errant with incredible martial arts skills. What will he be like in the palace? Come and have some information about this new hero!

  • News Meet the Elegant Princess - UR Hero Princess Linglong09-24

    There are kinds of gorgeous and talented heroes living in the palace. Have you met them while exploring in Fate of the Empress? Telling you good news, the palace will soon welcome a little princess! Meixin will introduce you to this adorable Princess Linglong~

  • News View the Autumn of Palace - Update Preview09-22

    Autumn is coming silently to Palace! Have you felt the sense of this beautiful season? Today, Meixin brings you the first update preview of this autumn! Come and see what we have for the update~

  • News Collect Exotic Treasures - Update Preview08-04

    Many treasures and relics in the world have their amazing stories. The only way to know their true nature is to experience the stories by yourself. A new update is on the way to Fate of the Empress! Meixin brings you the latest information, let‘s see what fun and interesting new content we have this time~

  • News View the Dream of Zhuang Zhou - Update Preview 07-26

    “You are not me, so how can you know I don‘t know what fish enjoy.” Zhuang Zhou was an influential Chinese philosopher. One day, Zhuang Zhou dreamed of being a butterfly, floating in the wind, flying and came to the Fate of the Empress. A powerful UR Support, Zhuang Zhou, is coming to the palace! Follow Meixin to get to know this incredibly capable and competent hero!

  • News Full of Talents - Update Preview06-21

    Great to see you again! Meixin just heard that the latest update is coming to Fate of the Empress soon. Come and see what fun and interesting new content we will have this time~

  • News Hero Skin Crafted with Care - Update Preview06-07

    Do you want to dress up your heroes in new clothes and get them new appearances? Meixin has some great news! The long-awaited Hero Skin system is coming with this update! Let‘s see the new content we have in Fate of the Empress~

  • News The Hero from Chaos - New UR Hero Jing Ke05-30

    Look who‘s here! A tragic hero in Chinese history, Jing Ke, is coming to Fate of the Empress. There is no doubt that he can become your right-hand man and experience the palace life together~ Let‘s get to know him better today!

  • News Silhouettes of Dream - New UR Hero Lotus Fairy05-25

    How much have you learned about Lotus Fairy and her past in the previous Dream in Lotus Event? She must have impressed you a lot! Now, Lotus Fairy is coming to Fate of the Empress as a hero! Follow Meixin and get to know her litter better~

  • News Build Your Mentorship - Update Preview05-23

    It‘s nice to see you again! Meixin heard that a great update is coming with the new gameplay, heroes and exciting content to Fate of the Empress. Today Meixin would like to give you a brief introduction about the update~ Let‘s take a look!