• News Island Adventure - Update Preview06-22

    Island Adventure - Update Preview

  • News Crisis on the Horizon - Update Preview05-21

    Crisis on the Horizon - Update Preview

  • News Rise from the Ashes - Update Preview04-26

    The new GR hero, Mi Yue, and the new Mansion system are coming with the upcoming version of Fate of the Empress! Come with Meixin and find out more exciting content~

  • News Sailing with Constellation - Update Preview03-14

    Spring is around the corner, while the latest update is coming to the palace as well! The brand new character training function will be available in the next version! Come with Meixin and find out more interesting content~

  • News Find a Way Out - Update Preview02-15

    Happy Lunar New Year! The latest update is coming to Fate of the Empress! The much-anticipated new chapter story, the new functions of Relics, the dazzling costumes... Come with Meixin to see more exciting content!

  • News Indestructible Armor - UR Hero Mozi01-27

    The first UR quality Hero, Mozi, has arrived in Fate of the Empress. Meixin believes you can‘t wait to deploy him into the battles! Come and learn more about this new hero along with me~

  • News Might from the Heaven - Update Preview01-18

    Spring Festival is around the corner, are you ready for the celebration? The latest update is coming to Fate of the Empress with the brand new UR hero! Let‘s take a look at the exciting content of this update~

  • News Find All Our Memories - The 1st. Anniversary Inventory01-05

    2021 is a special year...

  • News The Best Gift From Heaven - Update Preview12-12

    Here come the Heirs to fill our hearts and palace with joy! Fate of the Empress has come up with a new update. The much-anticipated gameplay, Heir System, will be available at the same time. Are you ready to raise your heirs? Don‘t be nervous, let Meixin take you to learn about it in advance!

  • News The Great Genius - UR Hero Guiguzi11-24

    The great genius, Guiguzi, has arrived in Fate of the Empress! Let‘s take a look of this new hero with Meixin.