• Gameplay[Hero Archive] Baili Lufu04-29

    [Hero Archive] Baili Lufu

  • Gameplay[Hero Archive] Baili Wuyan03-04

    [Hero Archive] Baili Wuyan

  • Gameplay[Hero Archive] Shen Yuanzhi12-05

    [Hero Archive] Shen Yuanzhi

  • Gameplay[Hero Archive] Meng Jiusi09-05

    [Hero Archive] Meng Jiusi

  • GameplayTrigrampedia04-28


  • Gameplay[Hero Archive] Fu Yunqi03-07

    [Hero Archive] Fu Yunqi

  • GameplayTeach in Teenage - Heir Education Guide01-07

    Meixin believes you already have your own Heir(s). The lovely Heirs must have brought more fun to the life of the palace! But there is nothing that parents don‘t worry about. Today, Meixin heard a lot of sighs from the palace, and it seems that the Heirs‘ education problem has become a concern for some of you. Don‘t worry, Meixin is here to introduce to you how to make your Heirs grow up with excellence!

  • GameplayMeet All Curiosities - Value the Relics09-03

    There are always many strange and bizarre stories spread in the world. How many Relic clues have been explored by you in Eccentric Tales? Today, Meixin brings the guide of Relic upgrade! Let‘s find out the secrets behind these relics~

  • GameplayCollect the Relics - Mystic Realm 208-25

    Have you found a way to quickly collect all the five attributes of Relics through the last Gameplay Guide? After Meixin‘s hard attempts, the Bosses and challenge orders of Devout Pilgrim and Delight Melody have finally been figured out! Take a look~

  • GameplayCollect the Relics - Mystic Realm 108-19

    Have you already experienced the stories in Eccentric Tales? The collection of Relics would significantly increase your Might, and each Relic comes with a different Feng Shui Effect. Today, Meixin brings you the Guide of Mystic Realm to help you find the pieces of Relics! It is a land of countless curiosities. May you meet them all.