• GameplayTeach in Teenage - Heir Education Guide01-07

    Meixin believes you already have your own Heir(s). The lovely Heirs must have brought more fun to the life of the palace! But there is nothing that parents don‘t worry about. Today, Meixin heard a lot of sighs from the palace, and it seems that the Heirs‘ education problem has become a concern for some of you. Don‘t worry, Meixin is here to introduce to you how to make your Heirs grow up with excellence!

  • GameplayMeet All Curiosities - Value the Relics09-03

    There are always many strange and bizarre stories spread in the world. How many Relic clues have been explored by you in Eccentric Tales? Today, Meixin brings the guide of Relic upgrade! Let‘s find out the secrets behind these relics~

  • GameplayCollect the Relics - Mystic Realm 208-25

    Have you found a way to quickly collect all the five attributes of Relics through the last Gameplay Guide? After Meixin‘s hard attempts, the Bosses and challenge orders of Devout Pilgrim and Delight Melody have finally been figured out! Take a look~

  • GameplayCollect the Relics - Mystic Realm 108-19

    Have you already experienced the stories in Eccentric Tales? The collection of Relics would significantly increase your Might, and each Relic comes with a different Feng Shui Effect. Today, Meixin brings you the Guide of Mystic Realm to help you find the pieces of Relics! It is a land of countless curiosities. May you meet them all.

  • GameplayFight Alongside Your Pets07-15

    Have you already found cute pets in different places of the palace? Meixin found that many of you have questions about Pet Assisting in battles. Today, Meixin will share some insights on this topic. If you have the right way to let pets assist your character and heroes, it will bring unexpected effects in the battle!

  • GameplayTravel in Humble Garden - Loop Quest07-07

    Did you miss me? Aha~ Today Meixin is going to take you to the Humble Garden! And show you how to get rich rewards including Character XP, Coins, Gear Crystal, Hero Shards, Costume Design, etc., while traveling in the garden. Let‘s take a look!

  • GameplayExplore Rare Treasures - Cascade Manor06-17

    Have you experienced the Flash Event, Cascade Manor, in Fate of the Empress? Today, Meixin is going to explore the mysterious Cascade Manor with you! Supposedly there are rich rewards such as Epic Treasure, Costume Pattern and UR Hero Shard waiting for us~

  • GameplayDiscover Their Stories - Skin Anecdote06-11

    With the latest update, the new gameplay Skin Anecdote has come to the Fate of the Empress! Do you know that every hero has their own story? Head into the Skin Anecdote to explore the past of heroes. And there are a lot of Skin Shards and Hero Shards waiting for you to get!

  • GameplayTreasure Hunt -Find Dragon‘s Heritage06-06

    You may not know that there are many treasures buried in various places in the palace. Using the Treasure Map to get large amounts of precious things, and there is a chance to find the elite treasure. Go hunt your treasures and find out the way to Dragon‘s Heritage!

  • GameplayA Special Bond - Mentorship06-02

    Having a mentorship is a pivotal thing to learn different skills and get grow in Fate of the Empress. As a newcomer to the palace, it‘s important to find your mentor and keep learning from him. Hurry up to build a unique relationship between you and your mentor!