Breathtaking Beauty - UR Hero Daji2021-07-21 21:30:00

Daji was portrayed as a seductive fox spirit in legends as well as novels.  She was considered a classic example of how a beautiful woman can cause the downfall of a dynasty in Chinese culture. Daji is a UR hero in Fate of the Empress with powerful skills. Meixin is going to introduce this breathtaking beauty to you today!


Daji is a UR Doctor who has impressive group control skills. She can not only disrupt the enemy in battle but also survive from the lethal damage, turn the tide of battle.


Skill Info:

Active Skill: Earnest Affection

Deal DMG to a single enemy, have a chance to silence the enemy's active skill (lasting 1 round).


Rage Skill: Vicious Charm

Deal DMG to 6 enemies. Have a chance to cause Confuse (Turn enemies' active skills against each other), lasting 1 round. (Effective on 3 enemies max.)


Passive Skill: Sweet Melody

Immune to Lethal DMG and recover a certain percentage of max HP. (One trigger per battle)

Recommended Gems: AGI/ACC/HP/DEF

AGI Gem allows Daji to release her skills more quickly. And with the effect of ACC Gem, it greatly increases the probability of triggering the effects of Active Skill and Rage Skill to control the enemy. Although Daji has her Passive Skill to protect herself in the time of crisis, the effect can only be triggered once in the battle. So HP and DEF Gems can further enhance Daji's survivability in battle, forming a constant disruption to the enemy.

Recommended Combo:

Daji & Diaochan: Diaochan's powerful healing skills plus her Passive Skill of reviving allies means that Daji can have more chances to form continuous control over the enemy.



Daji & Wu Zetian: At the beginning of the round, Wu Zetian increases CRIT Rate and AGI for allies, ensuring that Daji controls the enemies first, leaving the enemy with no chance to fight back.


With such control skills, Daji is always able to counterattack at critical moments and turn the tide of battle. This is the end of today's hero introduction. You are welcome to share your unique insights and thoughts of Daji on our Facebook and Discord~