Class Introduction - Scholar2021-04-01 19:00:00

Meixin’s Philosophy No.2: Never underestimate an unarmed person, especially when he or she holds a fan in the hand.


No one has more AOE damage than Scholar. Unlike melee warriors, they deal significant damage in an incredibly elegant way - magic comes out from their fans.



All the skills can deal high AOE damage to enemies. 

Dancing Wind: Deal DMG to all enemies.

Hovering Swallow: Deal DMG to 3 enemies, recover HP.

Gliding Saw-wings: Deal DMG to all enemies, increase CRIT Rate for 2 rounds. 

Disappeared Love: A chance to trigger combo attack when using Active skills.



To maximize the damage, Meixin would suggest ATK Gem, CRIT Gem, DMG Buff Gem, ACC Gem, and AGI Gem.


From Meixin’s observation, DMG is the only aspect on which Scholars need to focus. The offense is the best defense! Let along a relatively good recovering ability they have. 


3 Scholars, 2 Guards, and 1 Gourmet or Doctor would be an amazing team. Both survival and damage abilities are guaranteed. Well, if you want to be less aggressive but safer, replacing one of the Guards with a Doctor or a Gourmet is a good move~


2 heroes typically suit this formation: Huo Qubing and Princess Taiping.

The life-steal ability of Huo Qubing makes sure he stays for a longer time as a solid shield. Princess Taiping stuns or dazes the enemies to provide a safe space for 3 Scholars

Anyway, to follow Meixin’s advice or not, it is totally up to you. Just remember to choose the strongest hero as the Front Hero~

Try to be a Scholar in the game~ Defeat your enemies with the most elegant moves!