Class Introduction - Guard2021-03-30 19:00:00

Meixin’s philosophy No.1: Only the most reliable warrior shall be the Guard.

Guards are the master of combat. Carrying a thin sword, protect justice in the world.


As a single damage unit, Guards are necessary for battles for their outstanding single attack abilities.



[Active Skill]

Bloodied Blade: Deal DMG to any enemy 3 times. If the target is the same enemy, the DMG dealt decreases every time.

Radiant Rainbow: Attack an enemy, which ignores part of the enemy’s DEF.

[Rage Skill]

Floating Illusion: Deal DMG to an enemy 5 times.

[Passive Skill]

Inevitable Fate: If the target is knocked out, attack an extra enemy once, dealing a great amount of DMG.



ATK Gem, CRIT Gem, DMG Buff Gem, HP Gem, and AGI Gem suits better for Guard, according to Meixin’s observation.


ATK plays an important role in the performance of Guards. With high ATK and CRIT, Guard will be big trouble for enemies.


Meixin would suggest this formation: 2 Scholars & 2 Guards & 1 Gourmet & 1 Doctor.

With high DMG from 2 Guards and 2 Scholars, the enemy’s formation would be broke up immediately. Also, stable controlling and healing effects from Gourmet and Doctor provide a safe space for the entire team.


Diaochan and Li Bai are highly recommended here. Diaochan’s powerful healing skills make up with the low surviving ability of Guard. And Li Bai boosts the DMG to a higher level.

The formation selection is quite free. Just to keep in mind: always choose the strongest hero as the Front Hero~

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