Sailing with Constellation - Update Preview>2022-03-14 20:30:00

Spring is around the corner, while the latest update is coming to the palace as well! The brand new character training function will be available in the next version! Come with Meixin and find out more interesting content~

New Function: Constellation Sail

The function will be unlocked after your character level reached Lv.90. There are 3 branches in Constellation Sail. Each branch correspondingly grants Character Active Skill and Passive Skill boosts. When the 3 branches reach certain unlock conditions and the total levels of Constellation Sail meet the condition, you can activate the Alpha Stars to get new Rage Skills!



Go and unlock the Constellation to boost your Might to a higher level!

New Hero Skin: Eternal Glory (Jing Ke)


[Active Skill]

Lightning Thrust: Deal DMG to a single enemy 3 times, ignoring a certain percentage of DEF during this ATK.


[Rage Skill]

Shadowy Blades: Deal DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP 4 times. Increase the DMG when enemy HP is lower than 50%.


[Passive Skill]

Elusive Figure: Immune to all DMG taken in the first 2 rounds. (Can't be dispelled.)

New Pet

Gorgeous feathers reflect the eye-catching glory, it's a peacock! Such a lovely and beautiful pet, why not come and take it home?


New Ride

What interesting Rides have been created in the palace? Check it out!


Golden Ball


Penguin Balloons

New Costumes




Glacial Jade

Heir Costumes


Bamboo Verdure


Rabbit Love

This is the end of the preview, there is more new content waiting for you to explore in the game. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and Discord channel for the latest news~