8/27/2021 Maintenance Announcement>2021-08-25 00:00:00

Dear Ladies and Lords,


To provide you with a better gaming experience, all servers of Fate of the Empress will be under maintenance on 8/27/2021 (UTC+8). You will not be able to log in the game during the maintenance. The estimated maintenance duration is about 1.5 hours. And maintenance time may be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Maintenance rewards will be sent by mail after the maintenance.


This update will be contained in a patch, which will be detected and loaded when you log in to the game after the maintenance. 


Maintenance Duration】

SEA Servers: 8/27/2021 15:30 - 17:00 (UTC+8)

NA Servers: 8/27/2021 00:30 - 02:00 (UTC-7)



All servers



1. Moon Reunion

Special event - Moon Reunion will be available at Mid-Autumn Festival. Make mooncakes together with your guild members during the event and you will obtain valuable rewards. Great point-reaching rewards and ranking rewards will be there waiting for you! There is also a chance to obtain new mount -Shinning Crescent and special costume from the event~ Please pay attention to the event announcement at our official website for the event time.


2. Moon Wishes

The moon rose. Your dreams will come true.

Moon Wishes Event will be available again! Special costumes-Silver Secret and Supreme Power can be obtained from this event. Please pay attention to the event announcement at our official website for the event time.


3.  New Mount

(1) Shinning Crescent



Team ATK+150

Team HP+2250

Speed Buff 35%

Obtained from Moon Reunion


(2) Wooden Wheelchair



Team ATK+85

Team HP+1250

Speed Buff 30%

Obtained from events


2New Costume: Cerulean Clouds, Silver Secret, Supreme Power, Lovable Obsidian, Flower Fairy

Various new costumes are coming! Participate in the events and get your preferred ones!



1. There will be a 5-minute maintenance countdown before the maintenance starts, during which you can not do anything in the game. As soon as the maintenance starts, you will not be able to log in the game. Please arrange your time in advance.

2. Please take note of your account, password as well as your server name before the maintenance.

3. Please pay attention to the time of your Banquets and pre-arrange them in case of any unnecessary losses.

4. Thanks for your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us as following if you have any problems.

Customer Service:fswqg_service@friendtimes.net