7/28/2021 Maintenance Announcement>2021-07-28 17:02:36

Dear Ladies and Lords,


To provide you with a better gaming experience, there will be an update on 7/28/2021 (UTC+8). This update will be contained in a patch, which will be detected and loaded when you log in to the game. 



1New Heroes Zhuang Zhou

蜂蜜浏览器_庄周 白.png

New Gourmet Hero - Zhuang Zhou is coming !

Active Skill: Rosy Dream

Restore HP of 14% Zhuang Zhous HP for 2 allies with the lowest HP.

Rage Skill: Divine Wisdom

Cast Control Immunities for 3 allies with the highest ATK (cant be dispelled), decreasing DMG they received by 15%, CRIT DMG by 35%, lasting 2 rounds.

Passive Skill: Natural Magic

Cast a shield absorbing DMG of 12% HP of Zhuang Zhou for 3 allies every 2 rounds. (When the shield is broken, DMG is reflected to the shield breaker.)


2. New skin:

lFox Queen (Daji)

      蜂蜜浏览器_23007_妲己 高阶.png

Active Skill: Dangerous Lady

Deal DMG of 65% ATK to 2 enemies, 37%*(1+ACC) chance to silence active skill, lasting 1 round.

Rage Skill: Fairy Vixen

Deal DMG of 58% ATK to 6 enemies, 25%*(1+ACC) chance to cause Confuse (Turn enemies active skills against each other), lasting 1 round. (Effective on 3 enemies max.)

Passive Skill: Unforgettable Love

Immune to Lethal DMG and recover 30% of max HP. (One trigger per battle.)


3New Costume: Crystal Moon, Garden Tour

Various new costumes are coming! Participate in the events and get your preferred ones!


Please do not hesitate to contact us as following if you come across any problems in game.

Customer Service: fswqg_service@friendtimes.net