7/23/2021 Division Reset Announcement>2021-07-23 17:04:13

Dear Ladies and Lords,  

We will reset the division on 23rd of July. The new division will take effect from 23rd of July.


New Division of SEA Servers:

Division1: SEA-S1-3

Division2: SEA-S4

Division3: SEA-S5, SEA-S6, SEA-S7, SEA-S8, SEA-S13

Division4: SEA-S9, SEA-S11, SEA-S12, SEA-S16

Division5: SEA-S10, SEA-S14, SEA-S18

Division6: SEA-S15, SEA-S17, SEA-S19, SEA-S21, SEA-S22

Division7: SEA-S20, SEA-S23, SEA-S24, SEA-S25

Division8: SEA-S26, SEA-S27, SEA-S29, SEA-S30, SEA-S34

Division9: SEA-S28, SEA-S31, SEA-S32, SEA-S33

Division10: SEA-S35, SEA-S36, SEA-S37

Division11: SEA-S38, SEA-S39, SEA-S40

Division12: SEA-S41, SEA-S42, SEA-S43

Division13: SEA-S44, SEA-S45, SEA-S46



New Division of NA Servers:

Division1: NA-S1, NA-S2, NA-S3

Division2: NA-S4, NA-S7, NA-S9, NA-S10, NA-S11

Division3: NA-S5, NA-S6, NA-S8

Division4: NA-S12, NA-S13, NA-S18, NA-S19, NA-S20

Division5: NA-S17, NA-S22, NA-S23, NA-S24, NA-S27, NA-S29

Division6: NA-S30, NA-S31, NA-S32, NA-S34, NA-S35, NA-S36, NA-S37

Division7: NA-S38, NA-S39, NA-S40, NA-S41, NA-S42

Division8: NA-S43, NA-S44, NA-S45, NA-S46, NA-S47

Division9: NA-S48, NA-S49, NA-S50, NA-S51, NA-S52, NA-S53

Division10: NA-S54, NA-S55, NA-S56, NA-S57, NA-S58, NA-S59

Division11: NA-S60, NA-S61, NA-S62, NA-S63, NA-S64, NA-S65, NA-S66

Division12: NA-S67, NA-S68, NA-S69, NA-S70, NA-S71

Division13: NA-S72, NA-S73, NA-S74, NA-S75, NA-S76, NA-S77

Division14: NA-S78, NA-S79, NA-S80, NA-S81

Division15: NA-S82, NA-S83, NA-S84, NA-S85, NA-S86

Division16: NA-S87, NA-S88, NA-S89, NA-S90

Division17: NA-S91, NA-S92, NA-S93, NA-S94, NA-S95



1) Server might, character level will influence the division of each server.

2) Whenever we reset the division, there will be an announcement. Your highness may visit our official website for further information.